Had a friend in high school

Was always SPARKLING

Was always favorite

Never lost a fight

Never slipped in  grades

Always wore a smile

Always topped the class

Shouldn’t envy others

So my pastor said

Cried myself to sleep

Cos I didn’t have

What I thought I lacked

Called myself a loser

Feeling unfulfilled


But then:


Just as seasons change

Autumn to Winter

Winter to Spring

Spring to summer

And back again

So my story changed…………


All I thought I needed

Wasn’t  all at all

Cos my hands were wounded

And my heart was bleeding

So many tears shed

So much energy wasted

Chasing after shadows

Self esteem was battered

Had to start afresh

Building my foundations

Wasn’t pretty or funny

Didn’t fall in place at once

One day at a time

One foot after the other

So I learnt  to crawl

Soon to walk

Then I started running

Even learnt to fly

Till the sky decided

I had better stay

Cos I became a star

I began to SPARKLE



Welcome to my blog

Let my words and lyrics

Move you to discover

The star you really are

Till you start to sparkle



Together we’ll be sparkling

Together we’ll be brilliant

Lighting up the sky!!!!!


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